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How to Style a Midi Dress in Summer

Each year as the weather warms up I ask myself ‘How to Style a Midi Dress in Summer’? How will I create easy, quick outfits with my midi dresses whilst looking put-together? What about different types of midi dresses, what will be my go-to style rules for casual florals or elegant styles?

With all of those questions in mind I decided to create a midi summer dress style guide, full of quick tips and tricks to save myself time and to share with you too! Let’s beat outfit decision fatigue together and learn how to create simple yet stylish midi dress outfits.

How to Style a Midi Dress in Summer

The best way to style a midi dress in summer is to pair it with accessories that match the style of the dress. Wear chic statement earrings with an elegant midi dress, and a casual rattan bag with a more simple day-time midi dress. Style a floral midi dress with chunky brown heels for a trendy look.

Now we’ve answered the basic question, here are four ways to wear a midi summer dress, including pictures for inspiration…

1. Match white or neutral toned midi dresses with a rustic rattan bag

white midi dress with bags
Source: my own photo, Unsplash

A white midi dress is a summer essential in my opinion, as it’s timeless, elegant and casual enough to slip on without much thought in the mornings.

It’s easy to style lighter coloured midi dresses to achieve an effortlessly chic look. Pair with a rattan handbag for a rustic twist, and if it get’s a little cooler in the afternoon or evening match with a camel, beige or tan cover up, such as a knitted cardigan.

In the above image I styled my white linen blend midi dress with a tan coloured knit cardigan, for a whimsical ‘old-timey’ feel. This outfit would look great with brown leather sandals, but in my case I matched it with black.

Rattan bags are popular every year and never seem to go out of style. Match them with your midi dresses for a pop of natural looking detailing.

2. Pair your summery midi dresses with all black accessories for a trendy look

Orange midi dress with black accessories

Matching your midi dress with all black accessories is an easy way to tie an outfit together and add detail to sometimes quite a simple silhouette.

In the above image I styled an orange floral midi dress with a black chunky belt with a gold buckle, a black bag with gold chain detailing and black slip on sandals.

Adding all black accessories sounds odd in summer right? But trust me, it creates a trendy finish to the dress without darkening the outfit. Breaking up the midi dress with a belt is an easy trick to cinch your waist and add a feminine flare to the outfit.

Sometimes midi dresses can look a little ‘blocky’ as there is so much material and nothing to break it up. Use accessories to elevate the outfit in seconds!

3. Wear floral midi dresses in summer with chunky brown wedge heels and a hat

floral midi dress
Sources: Unsplash/ ©[StockSnap–894430] via

Elevate floral midi dresses with brown accessories, such as chunky brown wedge heels, mules, or sandal, and a hat or brown belt to tie the outfit together.

Adding brown accessories gives the outfit a summery vibe, as the colour is warm and natural.

Chunky brown wedge heels never go out of style and look fantastic with floral prints. Whilst being both feminine and a statement piece the brown heel is a timeless classic for a reason.

Adding a hat to break up the outfit is a simple way to dress up your look in seconds. Brown hats pair well with many midi dresses in summer, and look particularly cool with florals. If you don’t have brown hat to hand, break up the midi dress with a slim brown belt at your waist, for a subtle detailing that makes the dress look instantly more styled.

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4. Pair elegant summer midi dresses with chic statement earrings

elegant earrings and dress
Sources: Unsplash/ ©[SEASHELL IN LOVE] via

When wearing elegant midi dresses in the summer, pair them with chic statement earrings as an easy way to finish off the outfit.

An elegant midi dress is an excellent choice for a summer evening date, or even for a classy shopping day with the girls (if only!). Matching a simple elegant dress with statement earrings is an easy way to elevate the outfit further, without spending too much time worrying how to style up the dress. Choose statement earrings that match the elegant feel of the midi dress, with bold, yet simple designs as pictured in the above image.

Stick to silver or gold earrings and avoid flashy bright colours. Let the metal make the statement for a polished look.

What shoes do you wear with a midi dress in the summer?

When choosing shoes to wear with a midi dress in summer stick to heeled sandals or mules for an elegant look. If the midi dress is a more casual style than feel free to match with sneakers for a trendy finish.

A note

Thank you for reading my ‘How to Style a Midi Dress in Summer’ guide – I hope you now feel inspired to head to your wardrobe and start styling your midi dresses for the warmer weather!

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