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How to Style a Wrap Dress in Summer

I often find myself wondering how to style a wrap dress in summer, to look chic and put-together without worrying about the material gaping or falling open altogether!

To solve my predicament I decided to put my brain to work and create this summer wrap dress style guide, full of easy tips and tricks to follow when wearing a wrap dress. I want to share it with you too, so here are my tops tips…

How to style a wrap dress in summer

The best way to style a wrap dress in summer is with accessories and sandals that match the colour palette of the dress. Wear something underneath the dress such as a slip or a bodysuit, in case the wrap ties fall loose during the day.

Here are four style tips, including pictures, for how to wear a wrap dress this summer…

1. Wear a bodysuit underneath your wrap dress in summer in case it falls open

wrap dress with bodysuit How to style a wrap dress in summer

When styling a wrap dress I always wear a bodysuit underneath. This works great for two reasons:

  • If the wrap dress is short, wearing a bodysuit that finishes in small shorts provides extra coverage in case of a gust of wind!
  • If the wrap dress begins to loosen throughout the day it saves you the worry of becoming exposed should it fall open.

I often find my wrap dresses begin to loosen throughout the day, even if I double knot the tie. This is an unfortunate design flaw of a gorgeous style of dress.

But never fear! This can be fixed easily by wearing a bodysuit, to cover you up when the fabric starts to gape. In the above image I paired my blue and white wrap dress with a white bodysuit underneath, to match the white polka dots. Add a brightly coloured bag to finish the look with a pop of colour.

Top tip: if your wrap dress doesn’t come with a button next to the ties add a safety pin to the side of your wrap dress, to provide extra security.

2. Pair with summery accessories that match the colour palette of the dress

Wrap dresses with accessories How to style a wrap dress in summer
Source: Unsplash

A super easy way to add a stylish twist to your wrap dress is to pair it with chic accessories that match the colour palette of the dress.

A rattan bag looks fantastic with a light or neutral toned dress, for a touch of rustic picnic style (as pictured above). Keeping the style of your bag ‘natural’ by choosing either rattan, or a cloth bag adds a timeless charm to the outfit.

Pair your wrap dress with a hat that matches the colour palette of your dress, for an easy way to elevate your look. It’s great how adding a simple accessory can make the whole out look more put-together in seconds.

3. Wear with a bright cropped jacket for summer evenings

wrap dress with a jacket

Depending on where you are in the world the temperature tends to drop during the summer evenings – this is definitely the case here in the UK! I often find myself in need of a light jacket to throw on as the sun sets, to warp up my arms when wearing a wrap dress.

Pairing a wrap dress with a brightly coloured cropped jacket is an easy way to achieve a trendy silhouette, whilst keeping your outfit summery and colourful in the evenings.

In the above image I paired my wrap dress with a bright mustard coloured jacket, with zipper detailing and a cropped cut. This jacket is super light and compliments the colour of the wrap dress, for a vibrant evening look.

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4. Add dainty jewellery for a feminine finish

Source: Unsplash

Wrap dresses are a distinctly feminine style of dress, often finishing in frilled hems or other dainty detailing. When choosing jewellery to wear with your wrap dress it’s best to keep these themes in mind, and go for something simple and delicate, such as light gold chains or pearls.

Leave the statement jewellery pieces for other styles of dresses and instead pick subtle pieces that compliment the design of your wrap dress. In the above image the model is wearing a delicate chain necklace with pearls dispersed throughout the design. This necklace looks beautiful with the floral orange wrap dress, for a classy and feminine finish.

The same principle applies for earrings – choose small hoops over statement pieces. This is a super easy style rule to follow to look effortlessly put-together in your wrap dress.

A note

Thank you for reading this ‘how to style a wrap dress in summer’ guide – I hope you now feel confident to style your wrap dress this season!

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