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Crocs Repair Guide: How To Mend Broken Crocs & Strap

Crocs are some of the most functional shoes ever created. These EVA foam clogs are very durable, but they are not indestructible.

Crocs are known to break in some key areas, which can be frustrating. I am a long term fan and customer of the Crocs brand and in this guide I’ll show you how to mend broken Crocs where they are most likely to break (including photos of my own Crocs/some handy videos to help demonstrate).

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Can Crocs Be Repaired?

Crocs clogs are versatile and durable, and they are quickly becoming some of the most beloved shoes in the world. However, these tough clogs are not impervious to damage, and if you have a broken Croc, you may be wondering if repairs are even possible?

Crocs can be repaired with EVA glue, by sewing tears together, fixing a broken strap rivet or via resoling at a shoe repair store.

Fixing broken Crocs is easier than you may imagine; all that is required is a little know-how and some basic tools and parts if necessary. Crocs tend to tear, their soles wear out, and the straps break easily, but Croc repair is a simple process. 

These clogs are designed to be worn, and Crocs are some of the most comfortable shoes you may ever own, but the material that they are made from is likely to fail in some key areas.

The strap on Crocs is one problem area, as this feature of the shoe is likely to break first. Crocs also tend to tear, especially where the straps connect to the main shoe, and the soles of Crocs wear out after much frequent use. 

Can Crocs be Repaired
My Baya Crocs Clog Strap.

Repairing broken Crocs is possible and quite simple in most instances, but some Croc damage is beyond fixing. It should be noted that large holes and tears in the sole of the shoe, as well as splits in the top section of the Croc, are usually irreparable and require a replacement. 

If you’d like to give it a go yourself at home check out this inexpensive Crocs repair kit.

Crocs Repair Guide

Fixing a pair of broken Crocs can be simple, but it does require some skill and some know-how. Sometimes specific parts may be required to repair Crocs depending on how they break, but broken Crocs should always be repaired before they are thrown out. 

A broken Croc is often still very usable, only requiring minor repairs to be restored back to full functionality. This is good news for everyone out there who cannot go a day without their beloved Crocs!

In this guide I’ll be covering:

  • How to repair a tear in your Crocs with glue.
  • How to replace a strap rivet.
  • Ways to create a new hole in your Crocs strap if your current one is torn.

If you have a broken Croc, the first step in the repair process is to assess the damage. There are some very common breaks that occur in most types of Crocs, and there are usually solutions to this type of damage. 

Typical breaking points are the plastic rivets that hold the strap onto the shoe, a tear in the shoe where the strap rivet attaches, a rip in the main body of the shoe, or a deep crack in the sole of the Croc formed over time. 

After inspecting the damage, determine what will be required for repairing the broken Croc. Broken rivets can be replaced, strap hole tears can be remedied by making a new hole for the strap, and cracks and tears can be repaired with strong glue. 

Once you have determined what sort of damage must be repaired and how to repair it, the next step is to learn the techniques for repairing the type of damage that has occurred to your Croc. 

Let’s learn the basics of repairing broken Croc straps, how to repair tears in Crocs, and how to fix a Croc with glue. This should cover all of the basic Croc repair that most Croc owners are likely to encounter. 

How To Repair a Broken Crocs Strap

A broken strap is one of the most common problems with Crocs. The straps on Crocs tend to break in several ways, but fortunately, there are solutions and repairs for every type of broken Croc strap.

Repairing a broken Crocs strap can be as simple as replacing the rivet that attaches the strap to the shoe, making a new hole for the strap to attach to if the original hole has torn, or repairing the strap itself with strong EVA glue. Broken Crocs straps are frustrating, but fixing them is simple.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your strap becomes broken Crocs will replace it for no extra charge. Simply contact them via their customer service and provide proof of purchase, as well as a photo of the broken strap.

Broken Rivet

One of the most common Crocs strap issues is a broken strap rivet. Every pair of Crocs has a set of plastic snap-rivets that attach the strap to the main body of the shoe. These rivets are easily broken, and when they come apart, they cannot be reassembled. 

Fortunately, there are a number of possible replacements for the plastic rivets, including Chicago bolts, bicycle chain-ring bolts, and even replacement rivets from third-party Croc accessory manufacturers. 

Replacing a broken rivet is as simple as sourcing a suitable replacement part and installing it. This will allow the strap to reattach easily, solving the problem.

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how to replace a broken rivet on a pair of Crocs:

Strap Tear/Hole Tear

If a Croc strap breaks because the hole through which the rivet attaches tears, the solution here is to make a new hole for the rivet to attach to. 

Using a knife, make a small vertical slit in the side of the Croc above or below the original hole. Simply push the rivet through the new slit, and the rivet will stay in place well, keeping the strap well attached. 

If the strap itself has snapped, which is unlikely but is not unheard of, the solution is to glue the strap back together with EVA glue. This type of glue will melt the two broken ends of the strap back together, permanently reaffixing them.

How to Repair Torn Crocs

Repairing torn Crocs can be challenging, as these shoes are made from Croslite, which is a form of EVA injection-molded polymer foam resin. This material is tough, but it can tear, and repairing a tear in this material is challenging.

Can Crocs be Repaired
A photo showing the flexible but tough Croslite material Crocs are made with.

The only real way to repair torn Crocs is to glue the tear with EVA glue which melts the two edges together, or sew the tear closed with heavy-duty thread.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Regular CA glues and super glue will not work very for repairing tears in Crocs.

If the tear is bad enough, the Crocs will need to be replaced.

Here’s how to use EVA glue to repair a tear in your Crocs:

  1. Make sure your Crocs are clean before you apply any glue. I have a Crocs cleaning guide here here if you need any help with this step.
  2. Dry your Crocs fully after cleaning. Use a non dyed paper towel to dry the tear and make sure no water has seeped into it.
  3. Apply a small amount of EVA glue to the tear. I like to use the plastic stick of a cotton swab to do this. Simply remove the cotton end and use the small plastic stick to apply a bead of glue to the tear.
  4. Ensure the glue is evenly distributed along the tear and then press the tear closed.
  5. Either use some tape, or a clip to hold the tear closed while the glue dried. Follow the glue drying wait time, according to the packaging instructions of your chosen EVA glue.
  6. Once the glue has dried remove the tape or clip and see how the Croslite (closed cell resin material Crocs are made with) has re-bonded.

Can you repair Crocs with glue?

The Croslite material that Crocs are made from is a type of polymer resin that is only used for making these shoes. Croslite is not used in any other product other than Crocs, which means that there has not been a need to create glue for repairing this material due to the small demand for it. 

Crocs can only be repaired with glue that is designed to work for EVA foam. The right type of EVA foam glue creates a chemical reaction that melts the material slightly, allowing two edges to melt together, reforming the material. No other type of glue will work permanently for Crocs. 

It is important to use the right type of glue for repairing Crocs, or the repair will not last. Fixing broken Crocs with glue is only applicable if the Crocs tear, if the strap snaps, or if the sole of the shoe rips over time. 

Using the correct type of glue is the only way to make these repairs in a way that is long-lasting. Any other glues will be temporary fixes that will have to be redone regularly.

Crocs Repair Kits

One of the most frequently experienced Crocs problems is broken strap rivets. These plastic rivets are not very durable, and if they break, they cannot be repaired. Without these rivets, the strap will not stay attached to the shoe. 

Fortunately, there are a number of Crocs repair kits available online from websites such as Amazon, eBay, and even third-party manufacturer websites (here is a link to my top pick on Amazon). These kits include several replacement rivets that snap into place on all Croc types, enabling the reattachment of the rivets easily and effectively.

These repair kits will include plastic strap rivets, metal rivets such as Chicago bolts or bicycle chain-ring bolts, or purpose-built Crocs strap rivets.

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Thank you for reading this Crocs repair guide. I hope you now feel more confident to approach fixing your own pair.

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