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10 WINTER Work From Home Outfits – Style Guide

It can be hard to know what to wear when working from home in the winter, so to help I have created a ‘winter work from home outfits style guide‘, including inspiration and my top clothing picks! Learn how to dress for this season’s zoom meetings, how to stay cosy at your desk in winter and how to look stylish without having to put in loads of effort.

Feeling stylish and put-together correlates with productivity and signals to our brain that we are ready for a mental shift into ‘work mode’. Leave your pyjamas under your pillow and instead create an easy working from home wardrobe full of comfy yet polished outfits, just in case you need to jump on an unexpected zoom call…

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10 winter work from home outfits

1. Stay cosy yet polished in a classic turtleneck

turtleneck Winter Work From Home Outfits

It can be hard to figure out day in day out what to wear to work when you work from home. Decision fatigue is something we all deal with from time to time, and when it comes to clothes there is no exception. Sometimes I feel envious of the Marge Simpsons and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world who just slip on the same outfit every day without having to waste any energy staring blankly at their wardrobes. But in reality most of us can’t get away with wearing the same dress or t-shirt each morning and we need to put together different outfits.

That’s where our friend the turtleneck comes in! Adding this easy staple piece into your winter work wardrobe will save you loads of time when deciding what to wear, as it’s such a no-brainer.

I own too many turtlenecks to count, in a whole range of colours because I love this style of top so much. A turtleneck is the perfect business casual top, as it’s conservative and classic looking, adding an instant touch of effortless sophistication to any outfit.

Top tip: buy a few turtlenecks in different colours to mix into your wardrobe and give yourself easy options to throw on when you don’t have the energy to piece together outfits.

A perfect option for your top half when working from home in winter, the turtleneck is a versatile piece that pairs well with skirts, jeans and loungewear. Most importantly it looks great on zoom calls, where only your top half is showing.

It’s a super easy way to look put together with little effort, whilst staying warm at your desk in winter.

Here is a great turtleneck option, available in a range of colours at an affordable price!

Amazon Essentials Women’s Classic Fit Lightweight Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater

2. Wear a sweater dress to stay warm and stylish

sweater dresses and tights, Winter Work From Home Outfits
Sources: Unsplash/ ©[Godisable Jacob] via

A sweater dress is always at the top of my mind when I’m thinking of comfy working from home outfits. Cosy, stylish and they look great on camera – what’s not to love?

Sweater dresses are a popular winter clothing choice for a reason as they are so easy to throw on with little thought and they look great. Pair a sweater dress with tights or leggings and fuzzy socks to keep your feet warm under your desk.

Top tip: if you are going to wear a sweater dress to a video call meeting, go for a simple design without a pattern. Sometimes overly busy patterns can interfere with the webcam and look a little odd.

Try a black, grey, navy or cream sweater dress if in doubt about colour, for a business casual look.

Here is a beautiful sweater dress that’s a great option for an easy chic work outfit, available in a range of colours:

MILLCHIC Women Oversized Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

3. Keep a blazer on hand for formal zoom meetings

Winter Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Christina Morillo] via

Throwing on a blazer a few seconds before a zoom meeting is a great way to add professionalism to your outfit without having to think too much about what you should wear. Keep a blazer on the back or your chair, or hanging on the door of your office to quickly slip on before you go on camera.

Think of it as an easy uniform that you can pair with anything, to create a meeting-ready look. Blazers look great over turtlenecks, thin sweater, and dresses. Sometimes you can even pull off lounge wear underneath your blazer, as long as it’s of a conservative colour like black and doesn’t have any tell-tale coffee stains!

A blazer doesn’t have to be super duper expensive (I’m talking hundreds), especially when it’s not going to be seen in person. You can get away with so much more over webcam, where the quality and tailoring of a blazer won’t show.

Affordable options are absolutely fine, and many look just as good as a super expensive suit piece.

Take this gorgeous blazer for example, it’s stylish and such good quality at a great price:

Lark & Ro Women’s Boyfriend Blazer

A good item to invest in for meetings and interviews, that looks far more expensive than it is.

4. Pair thermal leggings with a more dressy top

Leggings are such a comfortable piece to wear around the house and for running errands on the weekends. But who says we can’t wear them to work in winter?

Wearing something comfortable on your lower half like leggings or joggers is perfectly fine, as your full body won’t be seen on webcam. Just make sure you pair your warm leggings with a more dressy top, such as a blouse, turtleneck or even a tailored jacket, so you look presentable for meetings.

Wearing black leggings is a great option to also feel stylish yet comfy around the house, as they match with everything!

5. Get comfy in smart joggers and a chic knit jumper

Winter Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Fabio Scaletta, Thirdman] via

Stay toasty in a knit jumper with smart joggers on your lower half. Comfortable yet smart joggers have record sales every winter, as they are a great piece for wearing around the home, whilst still looking put-together.

A classy knit jumper looks great on your top half for business casual zoom calls. To dress the look up further add jewellery, such as pearl earrings or a dainty gold necklace and tie your hair in an elegant but quick bun at the nape of your neck.

6. Pair soft mom jeans with a crisp blouse and jacket

Winter Work From Home Outfits

If you want to dress up a little bit and ditch the loungewear, a soft pair of mom jeans are a great option. Choosing a soft, high waisted denim will keep you comfortable and your mid section warm when sitting at your desk all day. Avoid low waistband jeans, as they may leave a chilly strip of your back exposed when sitting at a desk.

Pair your mom jeans with a crisp white blouse or a white turtleneck for a business casual twist. Warm up your top half with a tailored tweed jacket, or a structed cardigan, for meetings.

Mom jeans are a great option for work from home fashion, as they are trendy, comfy and versatile.

Here is a beautiful pair that would style well in a range of outfits:

ruisin Classic High Waist Jeans 

This tweed style jacket is a great option for a warming indoor jacket with a stylish twist – a super easy way to add class to any outfit:

Verdusa Women’s Open Front Pearls Beaded Plaid Tweed Jacket

For mom jean inspo, check out: How to Style Mom Jeans in 2021 – 15 Ways

7. Treat yourself to a loungewear co-ord

Winter Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Thirdman] via

One of the most popular work from home wardrobe essentials is a smart lounge wear co-ord. Grab a cute and comfy loungewear set that fills the gap between pyjamas and regular clothing, in a comfortable and stylish way.

More put-together then your regular joggers and old t-shirt, a nice loungewear set helps you feel more dressed up without compromising that homely comfort.

This is a lovely set from PRETTYGARDEN, that is really soft and looks put-together:

Available in black too:

PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Solid Color Two Piece Outfit

8. Slip a sleek knitted sweater over a tailored shirt

A cute sweater and shirt combo is an office classic, and works really well for winter work from home outfits.

Look professional and stay warm at the same time by wearing a white collared shirt underneath a simple pullover sweater. Allow the shirt cuffs and collar to poke out from under the sweater, for a cute tailored look.

9. Wear knee-socks under a knitted midi dress

Grab a pair of fleece lined or woollen knee high or thigh high socks and wear them with a midi knitted dress for a snuggly, yet stylish outfit.

Longs socks are a great way to warm up your legs in winter when sitting at a desk, and the bonus is nobody can see under there anyway! Make sure your midi dress has a conservative top half, for your zoom meetings.

10. Trade office heels for chic moccasin slippers or fur sliders

Leave your office heels behind and instead warm up your feet with chic moccasin slippers. Alternatively treat yourself to a pair of fur sliders, for soft comfort. Both of these style of indoor shoes are slightly more tailored than slippers, helping complete your winter work from home outfits without compromising comfort or style.

Check out these adorable slippers on Amazon:

KUAILU Womens Fluffy Fur Slides

YIJIARAN Women’s Fur Slide Slipper Sandal with Soft Furry Faux Fox Fur

A note

I hope you enjoyed this Winter Work From Home Outfits style guide and you now feel inspired to wear comfy, cosy yet stylish working from home outfits!

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