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Are UGGs Worth It? A Long-Term Review (Photos)

With the recent rise in popularity of UGGs (as seen on the feet of supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber) many are wondering whether UGGs are ‘worth it’ before adding this iconic boot to their footwear collection.

They are a pricey boot, so it’s important to have all the facts before treating yourself to a pair.

In this guide I’ll be breaking down whether UGGs are worth it in terms of materials vs price, including my own personal long term review of UGG boots (I have been wearing them for over fifteen years!), plus photos of my oldest pair of UGGs boots, so you can see how they have held up over the years.

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Are UGGs Worth It?

UGGs are worth it if you can see yourself getting a lot of use out of them, you enjoy cosy footwear made with excellent quality materials (suede upper, moisture wicked sheepskin lining, EVA sole and comfortable foam footbed), and you are willing to properly care for and clean your UGGs boots to ensure they last a long time.

UGG materials
A photo showing the materials on my 7 year old pair of UGGs.

When considering whether or not a pair of UGGs are worth the price tag and investment, there are many personal factors for you to consider:

  • Will they match well with your current wardrobe? If you can see yourself wearing tan or black UGGs with a multitude of outfits and you’re already excited about styling them, then they are a great fit for you. If you are left feeling a bit confused and can’t picture them with any of the clothes you currently own, then they run the risk of gathering dust in the back of your shoe closet.
  • Are you willing to properly care for and clean your UGGs? The suede upper can become stained or damaged following exposure to a bunch of different things (snow, salt, oil and grease from the sidewalk). Luckily your boots will be fine if they become stained if you take the time to properly clean them. If you aren’t the type of person who can regularly clean their boots then they may not be for you. It’s also worth noting odour does build up inside the sheepskin lining from the bacteria on your feet, so the insides will need to be deodorised from time to time (this is super easy and can be achieved with baking soda. I have a full guide to cleaning and caring for UGGS here: How To Clean UGG Slippers & UGG Boots – Factory Approved Way).
  • How much wear will you personally get out of them? Will you be wearing them regularly enough to enjoy them (running errands, autumn walks, grabbing coffee etc)? If you think you’ll end up practically living in your UGGs then they will definitely be worth the purchase.

My Review

In my personal experience I find that my UGGs become a staple footwear choice each winter. I wear them for everything and love the comfort and warmth they bring. They are definitely worth it in my opinion.

Sometimes I even wear them indoors to keep my feet warm at my desk.

are uggs worth it
A photo of me wearing my UGGs at my desk.

I’ve owned multiple pairs of UGGs over the last ten years, but the pair in the above photo I’ve had for seven years. As you can see they still look great, despite a little discolouration and staining (which is to be expected considering how much use I’ve had out of them).

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UGGs are a versatile and cosy boot that is set to become super popular again in 2022 and beyond. In terms of fashion trends they are worth purchasing, as they are likely to stay trendy again for a good few years.

There are so many different styles of UGGs available to choose from, to suit all fashion preferences. Personally I think the platform UGGs are really cool, and seem to be a supermodel favourite. The indoor slippers are lovely too, and would make a great gift.

How Long Do UGGs Last?

UGGs boots are made with excellent quality materials, and with proper care they can last for up to ten years. Making sure to waterproof your UGGs and regularly remove dirt and debris from the suede upper can extend their life even further.

In my experience my UGG boots can last me up to ten years before they need replacing. Of course this may differ from person to person depending on how much they use their UGGs, as wear and tear will need to be accounted for.

I use my UGGs all winter long each year, however I take care to avoid wearing them in rain or snow so the suede upper doesn’t become stained.

I waterproof my UGGs twice each winter season with a suede safe waterproofing spray, which helps keep them in great condition. Here is a UGGs waterproofing guide if you would like some advice on this.

Here is another thing to consider when purchasing a pair of UGGs for the first time: Do UGGS run big? Ultimate Size Guide & Real Review

It’s also important to note that when cleaning your UGGs you should use a suede safe cleaner or a very gentle liquid soap/water solution as to not damage the suede upper. I find that I only need to clean my UGGs once or twice each winter season to help them last as long as possible.

With the right amount of care your UGGs will last years, making them worth the money. They are an excellent investment and are super cosy winter boots.

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Thank you for reading this guide on whether or not UGGs are ‘worth it’, I hope you now feel confident to purchase your own pair.

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