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Are Mom Jeans Flattering? A Photo Guide

Many women wonder ‘are mom jeans flattering?’ when shopping for a new cut of jean. This was something I often wondered before I tried my first pair and became a devout fan of the timeless style! To answer the question I thought I would demonstrate in pictures just how flattering mom jeans can be, including three different styles of mom jeans so you can get an idea of which would suit you best.

Mom jeans are flattering as they accentuate curves and create an hourglass shape. The high waisted cut cinches the waist and creates the illusion of elongated legs. They are versatile and have been popular since the ’80s due to the flattering, feminine silhouette they create.

Mom jeans look particularly flattering when they are styled with a form-fitting top and heels, as this creates a sleek and streamlined silhouette. Alternatively pair them with a cropped knitted sweater and tall ankle boots for a casual weekend look.

Often described as the best cut of jean for women, mom jeans are so versatile as they can be worn both day and night, and are easily styled for any occasion. Depending on the company’s dress code, many women will even wear black mom jeans to work, as part of a business casual outfit.

Are blue mom jeans flattering?

blue mom jeans

Blue mom jeans are super flattering and are the most common wash of mom jeans. They pair so well with everything and will become a wardrobe staple in no time.

In the above image on the left I paired my blue mom jeans with a red cropped knitted sweater and tall black ankle boots to demonstrate how flattering the cut can be. In the middle and right hand side images I paired blue mom jeans with a floral red crop top with subtle bell sleeves and a chunky black belt for a laid back bo-ho look.

Blue mom jeans will work with just about any kind of cropped top or sweater, and heeled booties. This is one of my favourite weekend styles as it’s so easy to throw on and looks great.

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Are baggy mom jeans flattering?

baggy mom jeans

Baggy mom jeans are great for creating a trendy silhouette. They pair well with graphic t-shirts and sneakers, or with sleek tops and heeled boots.

This versatile cut of mom jeans is super popular right now, and favoured by streetwear influencers and TikTok stars alike.

I styled my pair of baggy, balloon-style mom jeans three ways in the above image with a sleek black top, a cropped pastel cardigan and a pink graphic tee to show how versatile this style of jean can be. Perfect for cool, laid-back looks, or even for a dressy date night, baggy mom jeans look great however you choose to wear them.

Are coloured mom jeans flattering?

pink jeans, mustard jacket

Coloured mom jeans are a fun choice for those who want to be a bit more daring with their denim. The combination of the super flattering mom jean cut and a bright, fun colour is a recipe for some really cool outfits.

In the above image on the left I styled a pink pair of mom jeans with a plain white tee, heeled ankle boots and a funky mustard yellow jacket. I love this look, as the cropped cut of the jacket draws the eye to the cinched waistline of the jeans. The bright pairing of mustard and pink is a great look for summer. Finish with cute accessories for a funky twist.

In the above image in the middle and on the right I styled my pink mom jeans with a pink cropped cardigan, pink converse and a printed pouch bag. Cropped cardigans are really trendy at the moment, and pair perfectly with high waisted mom jeans. Add a fun print to finish the look for a pop of detail.

What body type do mom jeans look good on?

Mom jeans look good on all body types, which makes them one of the most versatile cut of jeans. They accentuate curves and create an hourglass shape due to the high waisted cut.

Pair mom jeans with heels to elongate the legs and wear with a cropped sweater for a trendy silhouette that flatters all body types.

Are mom jeans flattering on plus size women?

Mom jeans are very flattering on plus sized women as the high waisted cut of the jean accentuates curves. With this in mind it could be said that mom jeans are the most flattering cut of jean for plus sized women.

Pair mom jeans with a sleek, form fitting shirt or bodysuit and rock with a pair of heels for a universally flattering outfit.

A note

Thank you for reading this ‘are mom jeans flattering’ guide – I hope you now feel inspired to shop for a pair of these versatile jeans of your own!

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