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Are Jordan 1s Comfortable? A Review (PHOTOS)

The Nike Air Jordan 1 has a colorful history, dating back to its debut in 1985 when it was produced for a somewhat unwilling Michael Jordan, who was a rookie with the Chicago Bulls at the time.

Designed by the legendary Peter Moore, this stylish shoe was a hit with the public when released on April 1 and has remained one for nearly 40 years. But if you’ve not owned a pair before, you may be wondering are Jordan 1s comfortable enough to justify their legendary hype?

Are Jordan 1 Comfortable

Personally I’m a big fan of Jordan 1s, and find them comfortable enough for my everyday needs. I don’t play basketball in them, but I do wear them casually all the time. They are one of my go-to sneakers, as they have a level of comfort I’m used to.

Here’s how they look on me:

Are Jordan 1 Comfortable
My Jordan 1 Mids.

I’ll be going to depth on the design, plus a breakdown of each part of the sneaker in terms of it’s comfort later in this post (including photos of my feet in them, so you can see how they fit).

Most other wearers of Jordan 1s also agree that they are comfortable shoes. With tens of millions of pairs having been sold it’s inevitable that there will be some who disagree, but many more who enjoy the comfort level as well as the style and the quality of the Jordan 1, like me.

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Today, the Jordan 1 is available for men, women, kids, and even toddlers and comes in three different cuts – high, mid, or low. There are many different colorways, some new but some very retro, harking back to the mid-80s. What they all have in common, is that they are more often than not “sold out,” as this iconic sneaker remains a top seller. If that’s not a testament to their comfort, I’m not sure what is!

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Are All Jordan 1 Comfortable? 

There are, according to the official Nike website, thirty Air Jordan models with 145 variants in the Jordan 1 range of sneakers, so it’s possible that some are more comfortable than others. Different materials, varying quality of leather, and different design details all have an impact on comfort levels.

Personally I go for the mids as I find them most comfy for my feet and ankles, but the others have merit too.

Are The Jordan 1 Highs Or Mids More Comfortable?

It’s not just a question of style that the high-cut Jordan 1 is preferred to the mid. If you’re using them on the basketball court, the high will give you more ankle support, which is an important plus factor. If, though, you’re looking for the more comfortable sneaker for all-day, everyday wear, the Jordan 1 mid is the one to go for, which is why it’s my personal favorite.

On the mids I find the toe box is nice and comfortable, with wiggle room for my toes. My feet don’t feel cramped up in there, and there is a nice amount of air flow thanks to the perforation holes. No sweaty feet equals comfort in my book!

Are Jordan 1 Comfortable
A photo showing the width of the Jordan 1 toe box, and the toe box perforation holes.

My heel is nicely supported too, and doesn’t slip, which makes walking in the mid Jordan 1s very comfortable.

A photo showing the space around the Jordan 1 sneaker collar.

The sneaker collar fits nicely too, as you can see in the above image. There’s enough space to fit two fingers underneath it, which shows how comfortable and soft it is.

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The Jordan 1 Low Is A Comfortable Lifestyle Sneaker

Although it doesn’t carry the same fashion appeal as the other Jordan 1 styles and is less collectible, the low version has gained popularity because of its flexibility and comfort level. Also, being cheaper means it has broader appeal, and while not suitable for the basketball court, the Jordan 1 has a following among golfers. Since 2019, the low Jordan 1 has gained steadily in the popularity polls.

The lows are great for casual comfort, but avoid them if you want a comfortable basketball sneaker.

Which Is The Most Comfortable Jordan 1?

Updates have been made over the years. One of the more recent is the Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort, which, as the name suggests, is designed to give comfort all day. With additional cushioning and Nike Zoom Air-sole units in the heels, combined with improved padding around the collar and on the tongue, this shoe gives exceptional comfort and support.

Is The Jordan 1 Comfortable For Wide Feet?

The Jordan 1 is extremely comfortable for people with wider-than-average feet, and that is by design and not by chance.

Because the original design back in 1985 was for use on the basketball court, there had to be room for the foot to adapt to the various moves and stresses around footwork on the court. At the same time, there had to be support of the ankle without compressing the foot, and this was achieved.

For a more in-depth review on how they feel for those with wide feet, check out my article here: Are Jordan 1s Good For Wide Feet? Complete Guide.

Jordan 1s have a wide base, with supportive padding and cushioning on the sole and heel and high support of the ankle – the perfect combination. They are also true to size, so it’s not necessary for the person with wide feet to take a half-size bigger and wind up with too much length in the shoe. 

The only possible problem that people with wider feet may encounter is that the toe box is narrower than those on other Jordan models. If that is the case, and your toes are being pinched, stretch the toe box to provide a little more space without losing support.

Is The Jordan 1 Comfortable For Women?

While it was initially difficult for women to find a comfortable Jordan 1, Nike has since adapted the sneaker specifically for women to ensure that they provide a comfortable fit. While it resembles the male sneaker, the women’s version has been designed for the female foot. 

Comfort depends on finding the right fit, and here, too, the Jordan 1 comes in a broader range of sizes than you will find with other sneaker brands. Girls’ sneakers, which usually go up to a size 7, are available up to a 9.5, and women’s up to size 11. As with all Jordan 1s, they are true to size.  

Are There More Comfortable Sneakers Than The Jordan 1?

As we’ve mentioned, not all Jordan 1 models are equally comfortable. It must be remembered that it is essentially a retro design that goes back over three decades. Yes, the shoes have been updated over the years, but some wearers still feel that the mid-sole cushioning is too low, the leather is heavy, and they are stiff on the foot.

The Air Jordan has been re-modeled almost every year, and the latest is the Air Jordan 35. None of them can compete with the Jordan 1 for its iconic status, style, and market appeal. 

There are “sneakerheads” who will pay well over retail price for rare Jordan 1 colorways and designs. Many wearers of Jordan 1 highs and mids have had them for years and won’t wear any other brand.

Which Is The Most Popular Jordan 1? 

Without going into the various colorways which define the Air Jordan range, certain styles of Jordan 1  have become sought after by collectors and resellers as well as those who wear them purely for their” look.” 

The most popular of all time is the Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago. Last launched in 2015, with the original red and white colors used by Michael Jordan, the famous wings emblem, and its revolutionary air cushioning, it’s now every collector’s dream to own a pair but almost impossible to find.

Another sought-after Jordan 1 is the Retro High “University Blue” which is part of the existing range, but one of those that is perennially out of stock.


While the Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly comfortable, there are more modern sneakers that are even more so, but they don’t have the history, style, or quality in the same unique combination. That’s why, after almost 40 years, the “AJ1” is still the most desired sneaker of all.

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