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Are Converse Waterproof? Complete Guide

It’s hard to argue with wanting to wear your Converse sneakers year-round. Yet, as trendy and stylish as they are, not all Converse sneakers are made to fight the elements. Wearing your favorite pair of canvas low-tops on a rainy day in winter, for example, will only leave your feet wet and cold.

Are Converse Waterproof

Most Converse sneakers are merely water resistant, which means they can resist a small amount of water, but are not entirely waterproof. Only a select few Converse styles are fully waterproof. For example, the Counter Climate, Lugged (winter), or GORE-TEX® range Converse sneakers.

Read on for a a full list of which Converse are and aren’t waterproof, before you grab a pair.

Personally I will wear my Converse out for a short amount of time on wet ground, in a light rain. I would totally avoid wearing them during heavy rain however.

A photo of me wearing my low top Converse on wet leaves during a light rain.

Assuming you are looking for a pair of Converse that can handle exposure to water (e.g., rain), you should choose between waterproof or water-repellent Converse. Here is a list of which Converse designs qualify…

Waterproof Converse vs. Water-Repellent Converse

Waterproof Converse sneakers mean that no water can enter or escape the shoe. Waterproof sneakers are thus entirely impenetrable by water or other liquids. Waterproof Converse styles include:

  • Chuck II Shield Canvas sneaker
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Terrain Counter Climate
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged 2.0 Counter Climate
  • Chuck 70 Counter Climate GORE-TEX
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Winter GORE-TEX® 
  • Chuck Taylor All Star GORE-TEX® Lugged Waterproof Leather
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Winter
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Winter 2.0
  • Chuck 70 AT-CX Counter Climate
  • Chuck 70 Explore Waterproof

Each of these designs can be found on

Converse GORE-TEX® sneakers are made with a specific fabric (i.e., GORE-TEX®) that is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and highly durable.

Converse sneakers that are water repellent (aka weatherproof) have a layer of protection on the shoe that repels water, but only to a certain extent. If, for example, you walk through deep puddles of water or you find yourself in heavy downpours, it will only offer limited protection. Water-repellent Converse styles include:

  • Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Platform Water-Repellent 
  • Chuck Taylor All Star TecTuff
  • Run Star Hike Platform
  • Unisex REALTREE EDGE® Water-repellent Bosey MC

These can also be found on

All other Converse types are water-resistant. They can be worn outside when drizzling or even hand-washed, but they cannot keep water from penetrating the material. Your feet will get wet in heavier rains.

Can You Wash Converse Sneakers With Water?

You can safely wash any Converse sneaker with water. Yet a washing machine can ruin Converse sneakers, mainly if the design includes suede or leather fabric. Therefore, Converse advises washing your shoes by hand rather than throwing them in the washing machine.

Here are some tips for cleaning your canvas or leather Converse sneakers:

  • Use a mixture of mild detergent with some lukewarm water.
  • Take a moist cloth or sponge and test the solution first by cleaning a tiny spot in a relatively remote part of the shoe. If your solution reacts well to the fabric (e.g., no staining), you can safely clean the remainder of your shoe. 
  • Do not soak your shoes in water; use the minimum necessary to clean the dirt off the fabric. 
  • Use a toothbrush for the rubber sole and toecap.
  • Once done, let your Converse air dry – do not use a hairdryer or a tumble dryer! The heat can cause the canvas fabric of your shoes to shrink.

If you have suede Converse, use a suede brush to scrub away the dirt on your sneakers instead of water.

How To Waterproof Your Converse

If you do not have waterproof Converse sneakers, do not worry. You can always waterproof your current sneakers to protect the fabric and extend their lifespan.

Step 1

Buy multi-surface, fluoropolymer-based sprays, like Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet or Thompson’s WaterSeal Sport Seal. These products will work on canvas Converse sneakers but not suede or delicate leather fabric. You can purchase them online (e.g., Amazon or eBay) or at Walmart or Home Depot. 

Step 2

Clean your Converse thoroughly with lukewarm water and mild soap. Air-dry your sneakers before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3

Move to a well-ventilated area or, preferably, outside. Lay an old towel or t-shirt down to work on. Next, put on some latex or garden gloves

Step 4

Remove your shoelaces from your Converse sneakers and spray the outsides of both shoes with the fluoropolymer-based spray, starting with the base coat (if you are using NeverWet). If you use another product, give it a first coat of spray. 

Make sure to keep the can/bottle 6-8 inches away from the sneakers’ surface and not to oversaturate the fabric. 

Step 5

Lay your shoelaces flat on the floor and spray them, turning once to cover both sides.  

Step 6

Let the waterproof base coat set on your shoes and laces for approximately 30 minutes.

Step 7

After 30 minutes, apply the top coat to your sneakers and laces if you use NeverWet. If using another product, give your shoes and laces a second coat. Make sure to cover the entire surface of your sneakers.

Step 8

Wait 30 minutes or so until your Converse sneakers are dry, and re-lace your shoes. It would be best to wait one day (24 hours) after waterproofing your sneakers before exposing them to water. To maintain the waterproofing, repeat the process every time your clean your Converse.

Can You Wear Converse In The Snow?

Like water, many Converse brands are not designed to resist ice-cold weather or snow. Still, Converse is trying to breach the gap between their classic low-top canvas sneakers and something closer to winter boots with the following styles: 

  • Utility All-Terrain Chuck Taylor All Star
  • Chuck Taylor Storm Boot
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged 2.0 Rugged Basics
  • Run Star Hike Platform Sherpa
  • Chuck 70 Bosey GORE-TEX

These boots can withstand almost any terrain and keep your feet from getting wet and cold in icy conditions. Many also have slip-resistant soles

Are Converse Sneakers Warm?

Classic Converse sneakers are not insulated, leaving your feet feeling pretty cold in winter. However, waterproof Converse sneakers are known to keep you dry and warm. Some Converse styles (part of the Winter Warmth collection) also have inner linings designed to withstand colder weather. For example:   

  • Chuck Taylor All Star Street Boot 
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Berkshire Boot 
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Berkshire Boot Easy-On Leather
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Berkshire Boot Counter Climate
  • Winter Holidays Chuck 70
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Winter
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Winter 2.0
  • Chuck Taylor All Star Winter GORE-TEX® 


Although Converse sneakers are not all waterproof, some styles are. These styles are designed to keep your feet dry and warm, withstanding rain and colder climates, including snow. If you have a standard pair of Converse, you can also waterproof them. However, this will only make them water-repellant. It will thus keep a small amount of water from penetrating the fabric, but not all. 

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