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Polymer Clay Accessories and Storage Buyer’s Guide

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If you’re new to the world of polymer clay and you’re looking to make creating designs easier, I’ve created a polymer clay cutters guide to aid with questions – complete with recommended products!

So which are the best polymer clay cutters?

That all depends on the quality of the cutters, the design and the price, as these are all factors you should take into consideration when shopping for cutters.

I’ve done the hard part for you and outlined what you should be looking for in this article, along with my top cutter picks and style ideas. Read on for inspiration…

What to look for in a Polymer Clay Cutter

When you’re first starting out in the world of polymer clay adding accessories to your kit can be quite daunting. That’s why I’ve decided to create this guide, to help you choose and broaden your kit with the basics, as well as some fun pieces. Whether you’re looking to create wearably weird jewellery like I do with cutters, or you’re creating Christmas decorations, models or home décor, a good set of cutters will help you get started.

When looking at polymer clay cutters these four things are of paramount importance:

  • Quality of the cutters – you want sturdy, well finished designs made from smooth plastic or metal, without any lumps or bumps from a cheap manufacturing machine, as these will leave jagged cuts in your clay instead of creating clean lines
  • Price is the next most important, you’ll need a decent set of cutters, but it’s not necessary to break the bank with these supplies
  • Design – if you find a cutter you like, ask yourself how you will use it, and if it fits with your plans for your designs
  • Material – cutters come in both plastic and metal, the plastic ones are cheap but the metal ones are sturdier – it’s up to you!

Now I prefer to keep the price of my miscellaneous cutters down by opting for plastic cutters, as I’m happy with the quality and styles available for the plastic options, but I also like to purchase metal cutters for my staple pieces, like basic shapes, as they last longer. Further down in the article I will be linking to my favourite cutters to buy online, with these factors in mind.

Next let’s move on to how you should pick your cutter styles!

Top tip: fondant and cookie cutters are perfect for polymer clay earrings, as you can often find varied styles in small sizes!

Styles of Polymer Clay Cutters

polymer clay cutters wearably weird

What you should buy first

The first cutters you should add to your collection need to be versatile all-rounders that you will reach for again and again. Some basic staple pieces include: circles, hearts, stars, squares, triangles, etc.

Take a notebook and start listing some of the shapes you know you’ll need for your projects, until you’ve got a shopping list and a plan for how you will use the items.

It’s best to get a packs of cutters that offer varying sizes, especially when buying circles; you’ll be surprised at just how often you end up using them. Once you have the basics in your set that you’ve decided you’ll need for most projects, you can go ahead and add some more adventurous polymer clay cutters to your kit.

Style ideas

Some popular styles for earrings include: clouds, lightening bolts, arches, fruits and other food shapes, teddy bears, jumpers, floral shapes, etc, the possibilities are endless!

Seasonal cutters are always a win, if you can grab some shapes for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, you’re well on your way to having a comprehensive cutter kit, that will provider inspiration for you for years to come. Seasonal polymer clay earrings sell really well on Etsy, so grabbing a basic set of seasonal cutters is a great place to start if you’re looking to sell your creations (for more info on this check out the below article).

Here are some seasonal ideas I’ve noticed are very popular:

Christmas cutters: candy canes, Christmas trees, ginger bread men, baubles

Easter cutters: bunnies, eggs, baskets, flowers

Halloween cutters: pumpkins, witches, spiderwebs, broomsticks

Where to buy Polymer Clay Cutters

You can buy cutters in craft stores, baking departments and find them easily online. I’ve included my favourite cutters below for you to browse and add to your collection if you prefer online shopping like me, keeping quality, price and style in mind when selecting these styles…

The Basics:

This is an amazing kit, that’s really well priced for metal cutters! The cutter styles come in a range of sizes which I really like to see for versatility, plus the range of styles is quite broad for such a well-priced kit; circles, hearts, flowers, tear drops, stars, rectangles, triangles and hexagons.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • FDA approved for American and European health standards
  • 100% lifetime guarantee on these items.

The reviews are fantastic too, making this cutter set a perfect all-rounder for beginners in my opinion. Buy here:

Seasonal Cutters:

Christmas –

This Christmas kit is gorgeous, offering great quality cutters in a range of festive shapes. Add Christmas trees, Santa’s boots, candy canes, angels, snowmen, bells and more to your clay cutting kit with these charming shapes! I’m in love with these little designs, they’re sure to get anyone in the festive spirit…

  • 10 piece set of shapes
  • High quality stainless steel
  • No sharp edges for safe use for adults and children alike

A great, well priced set to add for timeless festive designs, buy here:

Halloween –

This spooky set of stainless steel cutters is so cute, offering 11 designs to choose from, all the perfect size for clay jewellery, I’m swooning! The set includes: pumpkin, ghosts, skull, bats, witch hat, witch on broom, tombstone, vampire teeth and a frightened cat – loads of options to choose from.

  • Stainless steel, rust resistant, dishwasher safe
  • Smooth edges for safety
  • 100% lifetime guarantee

This kit is the best on Amazon for Halloween designs in my opinion, with strong reviews too. Buy here:

Easter –

This pack is a great bumper set of 15 pieces, including a variety of Easter shapes, AS WELL as other animals, making it a fantastic kit for multiple purposes – low price too!

  • 15 piece set: Easter Egg, Bunny, Bunny Face, Carrot, Chick, sheep, Butterfly, Cat, Bear, Squirrel, Dinosaur, Giraffe, Elephant, Unicorn.
  • Stainless steel
  • 100% satisfaction service – wow!

Fantastic value for money, I can’t believe the price is so low for 15 cutters! Buy here:

Adventurous Cutters:

Here is a huge bumper kit of 30 cutters, for an unbelievable price, for those who are looking to get adventurous and have a range on hand, in addition to their basics. They include some Christmas and Easter shapes, so it’s a good seasonal choice too, if you’re looking to buy a broad set.

  • 30 piece set, including festive options, Easter shapes, animals and plants – the little mushroom is adorable!
  • Stainless steel
  • Great value for money
  • Shapes ranging from 4cm to 9cm – ideal for jewellery making

A perfect choice for those looking to purchase a broad set of cutters that covers a lot of bases (I would still recommend purchasing a basic set too, to ensure those essentials are covered). Buy here:

Top tip: cover your slab of clay in a layer of cling film before pressing your cutter into it, for a smoother cut and no need for sanding after baking!

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!