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Lorna is a total footwear geek. She is the founder of Wearably Weird and she created a YouTube channel in 2021 with over 10,000,000 total views, dedicated to providing footwear information.

Lorna of Wearably Weird

After trying on her first pair of Converse sneakers at 12 years old (they were bright red!) she fell in love with the world of footwear fashion.

Now nearly two decades later she has a whole room in her house dedicated to storing her countless pairs of sneakers, shoes and boots, and YouTube equipment that she uses to create content about them.

Here’s a behind the scenes pic:

Behind the scenes of the Wearably Weird YouTube channel

Lorna has a degree in English Literature (awarded in 2014) and a Media qualification with a focus on fashion photography and magazine print (awarded in 2011).

Wearably Weird was created out of her combined love of writing, fashion photography and personal footwear obsession!