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How to Style a Denim Jacket in Winter – 7 Easy Looks

Each year as the leaves turn brown and the chill rolls in many of us wonder how to style a denim jacket in winter.

We want to wear our favourite jacket through the seasons, but sometimes we’re worried it might be a little too cold. But never fear! I have created a quick guide to help provide some cosy, on-trend ideas for this year.

From casual looks with sneakers to chic evening outfits, here are 7 looks I have put together to show how I style a denim jacket in the colder months.

How to style a denim jacket in winter

Style a denim jacket in winter with high waisted jeans to keep your midriff warm, a thermal turtleneck layered under a cropped knit sweater and sleek heeled ankle boots. Alternatively, style a fleece lined denim jacket with a thick, tweed-style skirt and thermal tights for a chic yet casual winter look.

  • Style a thinner denim jacket with lots of layers and a chunky scarf for added warmth.
  • If you have a heavy duty, fleece lined denim jacket wear it with mom jeans and doc martens for an on-trend winter look.

Here are 7 winter denim jacket outfits styled by me, to help inspire you this season…

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How to style a denim jacket in winter

1. Layer a denim jacket over a jumper and turtleneck

denim jacket strawberry jumper

An easy way to style a denim jacket in winter is with lots of layers. Nothing revolutionary right? But wait – a lot can go wrong here style wise!

Here’s how to master layering a denim jacket, without creating a bulky outfit that drowns your silhouette (with tight, heavily layered arms you can barely move):

  • Start with a thin base later that will keep your body warm. I recommend a light turtleneck of a thermal variety, so it keeps your collar bones and neck warm too.
  • Layer a knitted jumper over the top, but avoid super heavy wools or bulky fabrics.
  • Tuck both of these layers into high waisted jeans, to keep your midriff warm.
  • If it’s very cold where you are, wear tights or leggings underneath your jeans.
  • Finish the outfit by layering your denim jacket on top.
denim jacket white turtleneck strawberry jumper mom jeans

In the above outfit I styled a pair of super comfy black high waisted mom jeans with a white turtleneck, strawberry patched knitted jumper, ankle boots and my favourite denim jacket. This look is really cute and light but still warm for winter. The colour palette is very girly and bright, which compliments the colour of the blue wash denim jacket.

I love pairing mom jeans with a denim jacket for a cool double denim look. I find it’s much easier to wear two different washes of denim together, rather than the same one, for a more wearable look.

Learn more about styling mom jeans here: How to Style Mom Jeans – 15 Ways

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2. Wear a denim jacket with high waisted mom jeans and a warm turtleneck

Pink turtleneck denim jacket

A super stylish way to style a denim jacket in winter is with a sleek turtleneck, jeans and heels for a polished look. This outfit formula is great for a lunch time get together with friends, or for a relaxed night at a trendy bar. It’s cosy too thanks to the turtleneck (my favourite winter staple).

Wearing court heels with a denim jacket elevates the look, making the outfit a little less casual and a little more elegant. Tie the look together with dark wash jeans, a chunky stylish belt and a dusty pink turtleneck for a feminine finish.

In the above photo I added detail to the look with delicate dangly pearl earrings a simple tweed style purse, for an understated touch of sophistication.

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3. Style a denim jacket with a thick tweed skirt and a chunky scarf

Denim jacket chunky scarf mustard top

Another easy yet stylish way to warm up a denim jacket in winter is with a thick, warm skirt, tights and a chunky cosy scarf.

Super big, blanket style scarves are an excellent way of adding a snuggly layer to any outfit, and they work particularly well with jackets that are a little thinner – like denim.

Likewise, another warming fashion piece to pair with a denim jacket is a thick skirt, preferably a wool-blend or tweed style skirt. These fabrics are heavy duty and are great for trapping and retaining heat. Plus they look oh-so classy and have a timeless elegance that’s in style year after year.

In the above image I styled a pink tweed skirt with a colour block chunky scarf, a mustard sweater and tights with my denim jacket. I love the colours of this outfit and the blend of classy and casual styles.

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4. Layer a denim jacket over cosy overalls

Denim jacket and dungarees

Mix things up by styling your denim jacket with a cool and on trend set of colourful overalls! I love to pair bright colours with simple blue wash denim in winter, to beat the drab and grey days.

Style a fun pink set of overalls with some bright converse with your denim jacket, for a cosy look that keeps your legs and upper body warm. Layer a thermal top under your overalls, like a turtleneck, and slip on some super warm socks to keep your feet warm.

You could also layer a thicker, knit sweater under the overalls and denim jacket, if you want to warm up the outfit even more.

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5. Style a denim jacket in winter with a cropped jumper and a high waisted skirt

Red sweater and denim jacket

Wearing a cropped jumper with a high waisted skirt is a really trendy look right now. And with good reason – the two pieces create a flattering silhouette that looks great on all body types. Try styling a denim jacket with a cropped sweater and a high waisted skirt for an on-trend outfit this winter.

In the above image I styled a bright red cropped jumper with a frilled hem and neckline with a high waisted black skirt, heeled ankle boots and my trusty distressed denim jacket. I finished the outfit with a fun leopard printed pouch purse for a pop of textured detail.

6. Layer a denim jacket over an all-black outfit

Black turtleneck denim jacket black mom jeans

All-black outfits look so chic and cool and they’re super easy to style! Simply grab a black top, jeans and boots and throw them together with simple black accessories, like a chunky belt. Top the outfit with a denim jacket and you have a cool contrast between the all-black look and the denim, that’s effortlessly edgy.

Add some sleek heeled ankle boots and you have a low-key, casual look with a touch of rock and roll.

Learn more about styling a black turtleneck here: How to Style a Black Turtleneck – 20 Ways

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7. Wear a denim jacket in winter with a dogs tooth skirt and tights

denim jacket pink turtleneck and houndstooth skirt

A dogs tooth skirt and a denim jacket are two timeless pieces that have been present in the fashion world for decades. They look great on their own, and even better when styled together.

Wear a dogs tooth skirt with a denim jacket in winter for an effortlessly put-together look. Make sure you layer up in a cosy knit or turtleneck and wear fleece lined tights under your skirt for extra warmth. This look is great for weekends, running errands or a movie date!

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Related questions

Can you wear a denim jacket in the winter

You can wear a denim jacket in winter if it’s of a heavier duty denim and preferably fleece lined for warmth. Alternatively you can wear a lightweight denim jacket in winter if you utilise layers. Wear a thermal turtleneck under a knit sweater, then layer your denim jacket on top for a cosy and on-trend look.

Can you wear a coat over a denim jacket

You can wear a coat over a denim jacket if the coat is long enough to conceal it. Alternatively if you want the denim jacket to feature as a visible layer, pair it with an over coat of the same length (for a tailored look) and pop the collar out over the top. Choose a thinner denim jacket for styling underneath your coat so the material doesn’t bulk for a more flattering silhouette.

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