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Are Birkenstocks Good For Walking? (My Experience)

If you’re planning a holiday or an outdoor adventure you likely need good long-distance walking shoes. You may want walking shoes you can easily slip on and off, so your feet don’t get too hot. Birkenstocks could be the answer for you; they’re great for feet, but are they good for walking?

Are Birkenstocks Good For Walking

Birkenstocks are good for walking. The footbed perfectly aligns your foot from heel to toe. It provides stable, anatomically correct arch support for correct walking action. Both the sandals and closed shoes from the Birkenstocks range are comfortable to walk in. If you want something a little more heavy duty the new off-road range has added traction for stability.

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Comfortable, pain-free feet are every traveler’s ideal. The challenge is that you’ll only find out whether your shoes make the grade after they’ve been worn all day.

Doing research upfront and getting recommendations is the best place to start before you buy the shoes, so you don’t end up regretting your purchase. Birkenstocks should be on your radar as a stellar option. Carry on reading to find out why I’m so confident in the brand!

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My Experience

I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks for years and I’ve done all sorts in them, from strolls on holiday, dog walking, running errands all day, to tackling moderately difficult terrain.

I find they work great for walking and provide my feet with ideal comfort on hot days. Here’s a picture of one of my beat-up pairs that I’ve walked miles in over the years:

My well-worn Birkenstocks.

Their soles hold up pretty well too. I’ve owned this pair for around 7 years and not had to replace the soles yet.

But don’t just take my word for it – Paula Constant, an adventurer, walked over 7000 miles in her Birkenstocks during a three year trip from the UK to the Sahara dessert. Her Birks held up across different terrains, which is amazing.

Her story is a pretty cool testament to how good Birkenstocks are for walking. The proof is in the pudding, you can’t argue with that! Read more about Paula’s story here, if you’re curious.

You Won’t Regret Walking In Your Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are excellent walking shoes. They are so comfortable, mold to your foot, provide excellent support, and are shock absorbent; the perfect reasons to take to the road or trail in them. Even beach walking in the EVA range is a pleasure. 

Birkenstocks were made for walking. Birks were designed in the first place to guide your feet to walk as nature intended.

Every shoe in Birk’s extensive shoe range is orthopedically structured and ensures the correct positioning of a foot’s entire length and width; the heel, arch, ball, and toes. 

Birkenstocks suggest the following shoes as a great travel and walking companions:

  • Arizona Range
  • Bend Low Sneakers
  • Callan 
  • EVA Range
  • Franca Range
  • Gizeh Range
  • Kumba 
  • Kyoto
  • Lugano Range
  • Mayari Soft Footbed
  • Medina
  • Milano Big Buckle
  • Milano Chunky
  • Oita Suede Leather
  • Oswego Canvas
  • Zermat Premium

Birkenstocks Are Often Hailed As Ideal Walking Shoes

As the old saying goes, ‘the proof is in the pudding’ genuinely applies to Birkenstocks. The brand delivers on being the perfect traveling companion, providing comfort whether walking through the city, meandering through the countryside, or strolling on sandy seashores. 

Users across the globe name Birks one of the best walking shoes so much that Disney Land visitors rave about spending a day in the park in their Birkis. They are super-comfy for adults, and the kids’ range works wonders too. 

Other accolades for Birks as one of the best in class walking shoes include Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and the Evening Standard.

According to Glamour Magazine, Birkenstock Milanos are so comfortable to stroll in because they mold to your feet with the bonus of being stylish and functional.

The Evening Standard has many good things to say about Birks, calling them a cult classic because they mold to the contours of your foot and give you peace of mind when you set out on a walking expedition. The Standard loves that Birks are good-looking, come in regular, narrow fit, and have supportive straps. Kairo sandals are their style of choice. 

Even Cosmopolitan names Birkenstock names them as one of the best walking sandals because they are comfortable and have wide straps. 

There’s Good News For Outdoor Lovers

Birkenstock’s recently launched outdoor collection is the perfect partner for off-road adventure.

This new collection is crafted for outdoor adventure and has soles made for off-terrain walking. According to Birkenstock, the soles are ‘outdoor-ready because they’re durable, stable, water resistant, and provide good grip. Shoes in this collection are:

Tacacoa MenBirko-Flor FuturaBackstrapTwo straps Adjustable Hook and loopRugged PU/TPU Added traction 
Atacama MenBirko-Flor FuturaTwo strapsAdjustable Hook and loopRugged PU/TPUAdded traction
Milano Rugged MenOiled LeatherBackstrapTwo strapsAdjustable Buckles with metal pinDirect-injection PU Outdoor-ready
Arizona Rugged MenOiled Nubuck LeatherTwo strapsAdjustable Buckles with metal pinDirect-injection PU Outdoor-ready
Sonora WomenExtra-thick Oiled Nubuck LeatherBackstrapTwo strapsAdjustable Buckles with metal pinDirect-injection PU Outdoor-ready
Sierra WomenExtra-thick Oiled Nubuck LeatherTwo strapsAdjustable Buckles with metal pin BucklesDirect-injection PU Increased traction
Sahara WomenBirko-FlorFuturaTwo strapsAdjustable Hook and loopRugged PU/TPU Added traction
Kalahari WomenBirko-FlorTwo straps BackstrapAdjustable Hook and loopRugged PU/TPU Added traction
Mohami HL KidsSynthetic Birko-FlorBackstrap Adjustable Hook and LoopContoured PU Extra-traction 

Birks Meet The Anatomical Criteria As Good Walking Shoes

According to podiatrists, the best walking shoes have a rolling gait, provide arch support, are firmer across the foot’s midsole, fit correctly and give good heel support. Birkenstocks meet all these criteria for comfortable walking

Birkenstocks Roll With Your Feet

Birks ensure the perfect walking motion. The structure of the shoes and sandals mimics walking in soft sand, the ideal surface to correctly place your feet. When you step into soft sand, your heel lands first, followed by the ball of your foot and then your toes. While you are striding, every part of your foot is supported.

Arch Support Prevents Aching Feet

The Birkenstock trademark is the arch support. Especially when you walk long distances, your arches need extra care. The Birks orthopedically correct longitudinal arch support is designed especially for this. 

Arch support not only eases painful cramping and strain in arches but also prevents your feet from rolling inwards or outwards. Walking a few miles with steps that lean inwards means that each step pushes off the big toe and 2nd toe and misaligns your entire foot, ankle, and knees. After a long day out and about, you are bound to have pain in these areas. 

Feet that lean too far outwards place pressure on the smaller toes that cannot handle the strain and a full bodyweight load. This causes ankle and back aches.

Under-supported arches are the major cause of foot pain, and walking in shoes that do not provide the necessary stability to your arches and mid-sole will either cause or exacerbate foot problems such as:

  • Leg cramps
  • Aches and fatigue in the foot or leg
  • Plantar Fasciitis causes stabbing pain in the feet. It’s a condition where the ligament that runs from the heel to the toes (plantar fascia) becomes inflamed, making walking and standing painful. 
  • Bunions
  • Sore knee joints 
  • Pain in the hips
  • Heel spurs are small calcium deposits that attempt to correct and support arches.
  • Shin splints are painful and caused by pain caused by inflammation of the muscles, tissue, and tendons on the shin. 
  • Achilles Tendon strain
  • Metatarsalgia is a sharp, aching, burning pain in the ball of the foot, tingling toes and behind the toes. 

Birkis’ arch support and toe bar work wonders to ensure that weight is distributed evenly across the ball of your foot and that your toes are properly aligned to improve balance and take care of toe deformities and bunions. 

Enjoy The Cushioned Support

Birks provide the ultimate foot cushioning, particularly when walking long distances on hard surfaces. The cork and latex sole work like a shock absorber, providing the ideal amount of elasticity but firm enough to provide stability. Another great advantage of cork is that it molds to your feet to enhance comfort. 

You may question whether walking a long way on cork footbeds will change their shape; it won’t. Cork bounces back after every wear.

A close- up of the Birkenstock cork footbed.

Too much impact on your foot’s back results in sore heels. Heel cups made from cork protect your heels and keep them stable.

Another subtle detail often overlooked is the angle from heel to toe. For optimal walking comfort, there must be a 3-4mm height difference between the heel and toe of your shoe. Although Birkenstock doesn’t highlight this, if you view Birks from the side, you’ll notice the slight gradient from the back to the front. 

Size Matters Most

It is no good having all the necessary orthopedic features in a shoe when it is too big, loose, tight, or small. Particularly when walking around a lot, you’ll know size matters most. Birkenstocks are true to size and have accurate size charts for measuring your feet. 

For more help with Birkenstock sizing, check out my guide here: Do Birkenstocks Run Big? Sizing Guide Plus Charts.

The Birkenstock toe box is roomy even in closed shoes and clogs; providing you choose the correct fit, you won’t have red-rubbed toes and blisters at the end of the day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I Wear Socks With Birkenstocks If I Walk Long Distances?

It is only necessary to wear socks if your feet are cold or you are concerned about your shoes smelling. Birkenstocks are designed for walking. Even sandals are great to wear for long-distance walking. 

Can I Walk In Birkenstocks If My Footbed Is Worn?

You can, but it is best to replace the footbed. Birkenstock replacement footbeds are for sale on the website. 

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Birkenstock recently introduced an outdoor range perfect for long adventurous walks. The range has specially designed outsoles with added traction, so take a look if you’re curious!

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