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How to Style: a Strawberry Jumper

The Strawberry Jumper is a hot piece right now, duplicated everywhere and sold out in most places to boot. The print, I believe, was inspired by Lirika Matoshi’s strawberry dress, and replicated across the fashion world at record speed, following the viral rise of Matoshi’s garment.

The most notable strawberry jumper for me was the Zara Strawberry Knit Sweater; highly sort after and going for a small fortune second hand on Ebay. Lucky for me I found this dupe from Shein second hand from a seller on Ebay for about four quid, rendering me insufferably smug ever since.

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Here is a similar item on Amazon, in a sweater vest version:

So, without further ado, here is how I style one of 2020’s hottest picks: the strawberry jumper!

1. Bright colours, simple denim

strawberry jumper, zara mustard jacket
strawberry jumper

It’s no secret that I love bright colours, and will look for any excuse to incorporate them into my outfit. This green turtle neck pairs perfectly with the strawberry jumper, playing on the lovely soft green of the little strawberry stems!

Adding a bright mustard jacket gives the outfit a pop of sunshine to offset the autumn chill, tying together the pieces with a statement. Pairing the bright colours with simple denim tones down the outfit for a wearable look.

The mustard jacket: bought about 6 years ago from Zara

Here are two similar jackets:

Mom jeans: second hand on Ebay

Here is a similar pair:

Green turtleneck:

2. The co-ord

strawberry jumper warehouse bag tweed two piece

Now I feel like such a fancy gal in this tweed (or is it boucle?) look co-ord. I believe I got the skirt from Ebay and the jacket from either Shien or Romwe, but it was a couple of years ago. I’ll add some similar dupe links below if ya wanna grab the look.

The strawberry jumper pairs so well with tweed, for a classy spin on the quirky print. I added my red Warehouse bag for a pop of colour to match the strawberry-red. This looks says “I’m cute, but I mean business!”

Tweed-look jacket:

Tweed-look skirt:

Red bag: Warehouse years ago in the sale, but here’s a similar one:

3. Strawberry red

strawberry jumper zara warehouse bag topshop moto denim

This has to be my favourite look out of the punnet! The strawberry-red garments are gorgeous paired with the creamy pink pastel of the jumper.

I added a cropped red jumper with a frilled neckline and cuffs underneath the strawberry jumper to add extra juicy colour and girly details. I feel like a stylish little berry in this – whipped cream comes with extra cost!

Red denim skirt:

Red cropped jumper:

Red bag: Warehouse years ago in the sale, but here’s a similar one:

4. Keep it pink

vintage skirt glittery backpack

Ahh pink, the most gorgeous colour on the spectrum in my opinion! Soft, playful, cute and fun.

I added a blush pink American vintage denim skirt with a cute sparkly backpack. This outfit is very sweet, with a playful touch from the glitter – I love adding fun accessories. This look would also work really well with a toned down backpack, black tights and black heeled boots in winter.

I thrifted the skirt from an tiny vintage store in my city a few years ago, and the backpack was a find from Primark around the same time.

Here are some similar items, if you want to get the look:

Pink denim skirt:

Glittery backpack:

5. Business chic

pvc skirt strawberry jumper

This look is a little daring but I love it! I paired one of my partner’s business shirts with a PVC mini skirt – why not! It says, “office chic, but last night I saw a rock band, slept at a boys house and then borrowed his shirt”…

The skirt is originally from New Look, but I snagged it as another Ebay second hand deal, so I’m unsure if it’s still in stock! Plenty of similar items online though, as below:

Thank you for reading this strawberry jumper styling article, I hope it was as much much as I had writing it. Happy styling everyone!

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