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How to Style: Rainbow Crochet Scarf

Crochet is hot trend right now, thanks to the productive hands of independent creators during lockdown. A rainbow crochet scarf is the perfect accessory for this winter; add a little colour to the everyday and spice up the mundane!

The scarf I’m styling today is a piece from Blemish Designs’ gorgeous range; a crocheted carousel of colours perfect for chasing away winter blues. Blemish Designs offer a range of obsession-inspiring crochet pieces to level up your wardrobe, from mesmerising cardigans, scarves and jumpers, to cropped co-ords and hats.

The earrings I’m wearing in the photos (and living in currently!) are also from a small independent crochet brand, that I discovered on Instagram whilst browsing – Love to Crochet Creative. Evie makes such cute little earrings, why not drop her a message and snap a pair up for yourself?

Now without further ado, here’s how I style my rainbow crochet scarf…

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1. All white with your rainbow crochet scarf

Rainbow crochet scarf
Rainbow crochet scarf

All white is a striking look in itself, but you’re sure to turn heads by adding the juxtaposition of rainbow colours. Let the colours of your crochet do the talking!

Like a walking mannequin, white clothes create the perfect simple blank silhouette to display the crochet design of your scarf – just like an artists palette against a blank canvas.

The jeans and turtleneck were purchases from ASOS and Topshop several years ago, but here are some similar items:

White turtleneck:

White Jeans:

A woollen rainbow scarf:

2. Pastel streetwear

converse, teddy fresh beanie
converse, teddy fresh beanie, h&m hoodie, vintage denim

Who says crochet scarves aren’t streetwear?

Do something different and mix- up styles by adding the textured whimsy of crochet into your skate/streetwear fit! I love when styles blend together; why not mix the ‘cottagecore’ rainbow fantasy with cool and edgy fashion for a fun and exciting look?

I paired my gorgeous crochet scarf with vintage 90s denim, converse, a cropped hoodie and a Teddy Fresh beanie to tie it all together. I love it!

Jeans: Vintage, but grab a similar baggy, high-waisted pair here:

Pink Converse:

Hoodie: H&M:

Beanie: Teddy Fresh:

3. All red with your rainbow crochet scarf

Topshop red denim skirt, Rainbow crochet scarf

Red is such a versatile and invigorating colour that already features in the rainbow. Play up one of the primary colours in your rainbow scarf for an eye-catching statement!

I paired my crochet scarf with a red denim Topshop skirt and a cropped jumper in the closest colour match I could find. The frilled details of the jumper really offset the cuteness of the crochet, for a girly, yet bold feel.

Cropped red jumper:

Red denim skirt:


4. Rainbow mad

Lazy Oaf bright stripe jumper, abrand jeans
Lazy Oaf bright stripe jumper, abrand jeans

Go all out and pair your rainbow crochet scarf with another rainbow printed garment for the perfect brightly coloured look. You can never have enough of a print in my opinion, more is always more!

Have fun and express yourself this winter and banish the drab with bright colours! You might get some funny looks on the high-street, but that’s part of the fun isn’t it?

Pink jeans:

Rainbow Jumper: sold out Lazy Oaf, but here is a similar one:

5. Bright colours that compliment

boohoo dungarees, rainbow crochet scarf

Have a rummage through your wardrobe for bright garments to pair with your rainbow crochet scarf. If the colours are slightly more muted than your piece, this creates a lovely complimentary look that doesn’t distract from the detail of your crochet.

Let your scarf stand out as the statement piece of your outfit, and prepare to be asked “where did you get that?”

Green turtleneck:

Pink dungarees:

Thank you for reading this article on how to style a rainbow crochet scarf! For more fun fashion, check out the below…

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