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25 Awesome Crocs Charms On Amazon – Disney, Anime, Bad Bunny & More!

One of my favourite hobbies is shopping for Crocs charms on Amazon. Decorating my Crocs is so much fun and I love spending time finding new Jibbitz to add to my collection.

If you’re looking for new Crocs charms to add to your own collection here are 25 awesome designs available on Amazon as picked out by a Crocs enthusiast – me!

If you want to take a quick look click here to visit the Jibbitz store.

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1. Disney Croc Charms

Click here to view Disney Jibbitz at

Add the magic of Disney to your Crocs with the Jibbitz selection of Disney designs. Check out this super cute Mickey Mouse glove that is a cute nod to the Disney fandom! Check out the above link to view the other Disney Jibbitz designs at the Crocs store on

2. Harry Potter Croc Charms

Click here to view Harry Potter Jibbitz at

Which Harry Potter house are you? Display your house flag proudly on your Crocs with this cool selection of Harry Potter Jibbitz.

There are Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor house flags available to purchase through the above link. Personally I like to think I’m a Hufflepuff! You can also add the iconic ‘Harry Potter’ logo to your Crocs to let everyone know you’re a ‘Potterhead’!

3. Star Wars Croc Charms

Click Here to view Star Wars inspired Croc charms on

May the force be with you… on your Crocs! These adorable Star Wars inspired Crocs charms are a great gift for a Star Wars fan, or as an addition to your own collection. The pack comes with 12 designs to mix and match, with all of our favourite characters!

4. Naruto Croc Charms

Click here to view Naruto inspired Crocs Charms at

Naruto is a super popular Anime that I’ve personally watched through a few times (I used to have it on DVD back in 2008!). These Naruto inspired Crocs charms just had to make it to my list – they are so cool. Get this 14 piece set that includes all of our favourite characters (mine being Rock Lee)!

Mix and match on your Crocs and wear them to your next Anime Convention!

5. Anime Croc Charms

Click here to view Anime inspired Crocs Charms at

Check out these anime inspired Croc Charms – how cool is this One Piece set? The seller also offers a range of other anime inspired Crocs Charms. Check out the link above and see if your favourite is included!

6. Pokémon Croc Charms

Click here to view Pokémon inspired Crocs Charms at

Wear your favourite Pokémon on your Crocs this Summer with these mix and match Pokémon inspired Crocs Charms. Personally I’d be putting Charmander front and centre! This great pack of Crocs charms features 16 designs, including a Pokéball inspired charm.

7. Bad Bunny Croc Charms

Click here to view Bad Bunny inspired Crocs Charms at

If you’re a fan of rap music you’ll know who Bad Bunny is! Check out these super popular Bad Bunny inspired Crocs charms to add to your Summer collection. The pack comes with 12 awesome designs to mix and match on your Crocs, and they have raving reviews on

8. Travel Crocs Charms

Click here to view Van life inspired Jibbitz at

I love to travel and the ‘van life’ lifestyle really appeals to me. If you like this aesthetic too then check out this travel themed selection of Crocs Jibbitz available at the Crocs store!

The campervan and cheese board combo is really unique!

9. Christmas Croc Charms

Click Here to view festive Jibbitz on

Get the festive feeling with these adorable Christmas inspired Crocs Jibbitz. These would make a perfect addition to fuzzy Crocs, or as a lovely holidays gift for a Crocs fan.

I love the festive cactus design, it’s hilarious! The pick up with the Christmas tree in the back is another funny and inventive design, sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

10. Frozen Croc Charms

Click Here to view Frozen Jibbitz on

If you have a Frozen fan in your life why not surprise them with these lovely Frozen Jibbitz from the Crocs store. Wear Olaf, Anna and Elsa on your toes and carry them everywhere with you!

This would be a lovely gift for a little one’s Crocs.

11. Animal Croc Charms

Click Here to view Animal Jibbitz on

A must-have for animal lovers this multipack of animal Jibbitz from the Crocs store features 5 cute and unusual designs. Wear a silly sloth, a sleeping fox, a cartoon shark, a puppy and a monochrome cat on your toes this summer! These animal designs are a great conversation starter.

12. Superhero Crocs Charms

Click Here to view Superhero inspired Croc charms on

Add 12 Superhero themed Crocs charms to your Crocs this summer with this multipack of characters. The pack even includes a Captain America inspired shield and a Thor inspired hammer!

13. Location Croc Charms

Click Here to view location themed Jibbitz on

If you love to travel and enjoy collecting souvenirs, or if you just really like the aesthetic of a place then the Jibbitz location themed Crocs charms are for you!

Whether you love the London vibe or the chic charm of Paris there are a range of location sets available from Jibbitz through the above link.

14. Letter Croc Charms

Click Here to view letter and number Jibbitz on

Spell out your name or a funny word on your Crocs with these letter Jibbitz available at the Crocs store on Amazon. Letter Crocs charms are a classic addition to your collection that you can use time again to spell out new things on your shoes. I like to get my initials!

15. Mandalorian Croc Charms

Click Here to view Mandalorian inspired Croc charms on

If you love baby Yoda as much as I do then you might like these super cute Mandalorian inspired Crocs charms. They come in an 9 piece set to be styled as part of your collection.

16. Among Us Croc Charms

Click Here to view Among Us inspired Croc charms on

Your Crocs look sus without any Among Us inspired charms! If you love this game as much as I do then you’ll really enjoy these cute and funny looking Among Us inspired designs. Check out the Mario skin!

The set comes with 12 designs to mix and match as you like.

17. Multipack Croc Charms

Click Here to view Peace and Love Jibbitz on

If you’d like a multipack of fun Jibbitz designs to wear this season check out the peace and love set from the Crocs store on This set is bright and quirky and is a fun choice for summer. The colours will really pop against white Crocs!

18. Food Crocs Charms

Click Here to view food themed Jibbitz on

How yummy do these food charms look? Check out the sushi, cereal, pizza, shrimp and chips and dip themed Jibbitz available from the Crocs store on Amazon. This 5 design set features high quality materials and has raving customer reviews. Food designs are great for mixing and matching and are a timeless pick for your Jibbitz collection.

19. Sports Croc Charms

Click Here to view sports Jibbitz on

Are you a sports fan? If so take a look at these high quality sports themed Jibbits available from the Crocs store on Amazon.

Whether your favourite is baseball, basketball, football or soccer, there a sports Jibbitz design for everyone (even softball and volleyball!).

20. Drinks Crocs Charms

Click Here to view drinks Jibbitz on

If you are a fellow coffee fan then you’ll love the drinks themed selection of Jibbtiz available at the Crocs store. The high quality designs are timeless and look really cool as part of a wider Jibbitz collection. The coffee cup is my personal favourite, but I also love the pumpkin spice latte design, the matcha tea and the glasses of bubbles!

21. Gaming Crocs Charms

Click Here to view gaming Crocs charms on

Check out this cool gaming themed Crocs charms set! I love the pizza slice and the gaming controller. Mix and match these 5 designs into your charms collection!

22. Pac-Man Crocs Charms

Click Here to view Pac-Man Jibbitz on

If you’re into classic old school games then you can’t go wrong with a set of Pac-Man Jibbitz. This iconic game is a favourite for many, making this Jibbitz set a great gift idea too.

The set comes with 5 classic designs and has great customer reviews on Amazon.

23. Super Mario Croc Charms

Click Here to view Super Mario Jibbitz on

Wear the iconic Super Mario squad on your feet with this super cute 5 design Jibbitz set from the Crocs store on Amazon. Mix and match Mario, Peach, Luigi, Bowser and Yoshi!

24. Space Croc Charms

Click Here to view Space Jibbitz on

If you’re a fan of outer space and an alien aesthetic then you’ll love this Jibbitz set from the Crocs store on Amazon. Check out how cool the moon phases charm is, plus the spacesuit helmet!

I love the whole set and think they’d look great mixed into an unusual Jibbitz collection.

25. Symbol Crocs Charms

Click Here to view Symbol Jibbitz on

A great place to start with collecting Jibbitz to to buy symbols or words that will form a simple base for your collection. Check out the symbols available from the Crocs store on!


How To Put Jibbitz On Crocs

The easiest way to put Jibbitz on Crocs is to pinch the Crocs hole until the material forms a fold, then slide one side of the Jibbitz charm post into the hole until the whole post pops in.

How To Remove Jibbitz

The easiest way to remove Jibbitz from your Crocs without damaging them is to push the Jibbitz charm post up and out of the Crocs hole from inside the shoe. Slide your hand into the shoe and gently push the Jibbitz up until they pop out.

If the Jibbitz are stuck use your other hand to gently work the Jibbitz out of the Crocs hole from the outside of the shoe at the same time. Dirt and debris can build up between the Jibbitz and the Crocs with wear and they may need to be gently cleaned with mild soapy water and a toothbrush before you try to work them free.

Please note it’s best to remove Jibbitz gently and slowly, and not to pull the Jibbitz charms out of the holes. If you pull the charms out you may risk tearing the Crocs holes or damaging the charms.

Do Jibbitz Fit Toddler Crocs?

Jibbitz do fit toddler Crocs as they are designed for both kids and adults sizes. Simply fit the Jibbitz to toddler Crocs the same way you fit them to adult Crocs, by pinching the Crocs hole and sliding one side of the charm post into the hole until it pops in.

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