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10 FALL Work From Home Outfits – Style Guide

Knowing what to wear when working from home can be hard, especially as the seasons change, so I have put together a fall ‘work from home outfits’ style guide! Learn how to dress for this season’s zoom meetings whilst staying comfy and cosy at your desk (and if you’re not on camera, how to feel put together and productive).

Dressing for work signifies to our brain that it’s time for a mental shift into ‘productivity mode’ and helps us make the distinction between work and rest time whilst at home. Working from home can sometimes blur the lines a little bit, leading to burnout and a need to separate the two. Use your clothing to help, by leaving your pyjamas under your pillow and changing into your working from home outfits.

Here are 10 work from home outfits ideas to give you some inspiration, along with my top clothing picks…

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Fall work from home outfits

1. Floral dress in autumn colours with soft tights

autumn floral dresses FALL Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Maksim Goncharenok, Dominika Roseclay] via

An autumn toned floral dress is one of my work from home wardrobe essentials. It’s presentable for zoom calls whilst being comfortable and flowy when wearing around the house.

Floral dresses are a classic for any season, and the fall coloured palette is to die for. Choose a super soft material for your dress and pair with soft, comfy tights to keep your legs warm under your desk. It’s amazing what putting on a dress can do for your productivity – I know I always feel put-together and ready for the day when wearing mine!

This floral dress from DB MOON is a great example of how chic and comfortable a floral dress can be:

Available in a range of fall colours, it makes for an easy addition to your wardrobe to quickly slip on when fighting outfit decision fatigue.

Top tip: avoid outfit decision fatigue by filling your wardrobe with easy one-piece outfits like comfy and presentable dresses, that match the colour palette of the season.

2. Tailored jacket or blazer for zoom calls

FALL Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Christina Morillo] via

Keeping a tailored jacket or a blazer on hand for zoom calls is a great way to look presentable in seconds when jumping on camera. Throw on a jacket or blazer over a t-shirt, turtleneck or even a loungewear top to dress up your outfit.

Keep a blazer on the back of your desk chair or hanging on the back of your office door, to quickly throw on when your manager drops an unexpected meeting on you.

You don’t need to break the bank to buy a nice tailored jacket or blazer (I’m talking hundreds), you can actually buy gorgeous and good quality pieces online.

This blazer from Urban CoCo is great quality without the steep price tag, and comes in a range of colours too:

When wearing a blazer don’t feel you have to stick to black if you don’t want to – there are plenty of smart fall colours that look really put-together whilst being more fun.

3. A loungewear co-ord set

loungewear coords FALL Work From Home Outfits
Sources: ©[Thirdman] via

A loungewear co-ord set is a great option for your fall work from home outfits if you aren’t going on camera that day. Choosing a smart loungewear set will help you feel a bit more polished than slouching at your desk in an old t-shirt and joggers. Plus you can open the door to the post man without feeling embarrassed!

And if you do get an unexpected zoom call invite, just throw on a blazer and you’ll look good to go.

Choosing a loungewear set of a pretty colour without flashy patterns is the best way to pull this off, as the top will easily pass as regular clothing on camera.

PRETTYGARDEN loungewear set:

4. Comfy culottes and a crisp white blouse

culottes FALL Work From Home Outfits
Source: Unsplash

Swapping pyjama bottoms or loungewear for culottes is an easy way to feel more presentable without compromising comfort. Choosing a pair of culottes that pair with everything and are of a soft material is a simple way of creating polished outfits that feel like PJs.

Match culottes to a crisp white tee and a tailored jacket for a chic look. Alternatively pair with a cream turtleneck for a polished appearance on webcam. Culottes look great in the fall and often feature as a fall office staple.

5. Mom jeans and a cropped jumper

mom jeans and jumpers FALL Work From Home Outfits

A super soft pair of mom jeans is an excellent choice for home office wear, as they are versatile and pair with everything, whilst keeping that comfy casual feel.

Match your mom jeans with a presentable cropped jumper for a trendy silhouette. In the above image I styled a pair of black and a pair of blue mom jeans with two jumpers, to create classic fall outfits.

If you are jumping onto webcam add some simple jewellery and tie your hair in an elegant bun at the nape of your neck for an easy business causal look.

Ruisin mom jeans:

6. A classic turtleneck that pairs with everything

FALL Work From Home Outfits

Turtlenecks are a fall style staple for a good reason – they are warm, comfortable and timeless. Adding a turtleneck to your outfit instantly elevates your style, as they look so sophisticated.

A turtleneck is the perfect business casual top in my opinion, and it’s always my go-to when I am unsure what to pair with my skirts, jeans, culottes or even loungewear bottoms.

I have several in a range of colours so I always have something to match, and don’t waste time making outfit decisions. In the above image I paired my white turtleneck with mom jeans and a tailored jacket for a business casual look. I also paired it with a floral midi skirts that is perfect for fall/autumn.

This turtleneck from Amazon is super soft and goes with everything:

It’s available in a range of colours too!

7. A cosy sweater dress

sweater dresses and tights FALL Work From Home Outfits
Sources: Unsplash/ ©[Godisable Jacob] via

Throwing on a cosy sweater dress on a chilly autumn morning is a great feeling. Soft and snuggly, a sweater dress is a favourite choice of many for the colder seasons.

They look super cute too, and always feature as key pieces in fall style. They are so nice to wear when working at home as they help you feel put-together and smart whilst staying warm and comfortable.

Get the look with this super soft R.Vivimos sweater dress:

The cream and khaki versions are also so beautiful!

8. Smart cardigan, soft jeans and a tailored white t-shirt

Cardigans and soft jeans FALL Work From Home Outfits
Source: Unsplash

A smart cardigan, soft jeans and a tailored t-shirt always makes me feel polished whilst working from home. Comfortable jeans and a tailored t-shirt look great together all year round, as they are a timeless combo. Adding a fall toned cardigan really adds the snuggle factor in the chilly months, wrapping your up in a hug as you work at your home desk.

This outfit is a no-brainer, perfect for the days you need to be on webcam and feel productive.

Get the look with this adorable cardigan from PRETTYGARDEN:

Available in a range of colours!

9. Fall toned midi skirt to keep legs warm

FALL Work From Home Outfits

Midi skirts are a favourite of mine to wear when working from home in the fall. They are comfortable and keep my legs warm whilst looking effortlessly classy. Pair with a turtleneck or a sweater for a cosy fall look.

In the above image I styled two fall appropriate midi skirts with form fitting tops to balance out the outfits. Keep the material on your top half soft for a cosy feel. These outfits look great on zoom meetings too, and really help you look like you have put in the effort!

Get the look with this comfy yet classy midi skirt from Exlura:

The coffee coloured option is also gorgeous!

10. Denim skirt and a smart sweater

denim skirts and sweaters FALL Work From Home Outfits

You can go wrong with a denim skirt and sweater combo for easy fall work from home outfits. I look forward to wearing this outfit style every year, as it’s so feminine and cute whilst looking presentable. A soft, slightly cropped style sweater will keep you warm, and goes great with denim skirts. Add a belt to accessorise and pair with comfy tights to keep your legs cosy under your desk.

Mustard sweaters look particularly cute with indigo wash denim skirts (as I styled in the above image), and make for a perfect working from home outfit. Mixing red colours into this outfit style is also a great way to transition your denim skirts between the seasons, and brighten up your outfits.

Shop the look here:

Chigant Womens Stretch High Waisted Short Mini Denim Skirt

ZAFUL Women’s Mock Neck Sweater

A note

Thank you for reading this ‘FALL Work From Home Outfits’ style guide – I hope you now feel confident to put together your fall work wardrobe with effortless style.

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